Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Fitness Goals 2013

It's officially 2013 which means that it is time to start making New Years Resolutions.  I've decided that this year rather than making obscure goals that are subjective like "get into shape", or "be more confident in my body image" (last year's goal), it will be much easier to obtain my goals if I can follow a specific set that are obtainable in a reasonable amount of time.  I'm hoping that most of these are achieved in 6 months rather than a year and in that case I will realign my goals and set new ones for the second half of the year.  I'm looking forward to many many hours in the gym to help me achieve these fitness goals!

Goals 2013 Current Progress
Run 5 miles Roughly 2 miles
50 consecutive Double Unders 3 consecutive
90 lb Deadlift with solid form 45 lb (will be increasing next workout)
5 consecutive pull ups 0
5 consecutive chin ups 2
5 consecutive dips with no assist Dips with roughly 80 lb assist
8 minute mile time 10:30 mile time
50 bpm resting heart rate approx. 62 bpm
Splits all 3 Left split achieved
5 Rope Climbs (16 ft) 4 Rope Climbs (roughly 5 ft - measuring at the feet)

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