Sunday, January 27, 2013

Week 2 - Made with Love

 This week I was doing a little prep work for a photo session that I had coming up and thought I would take the opportunity to catch up on week 2's Project 52 assignment, "Made with Love".  I already had half of the materials out while I was working on props and just threw a couple other things in for the heck of it.  I was thinking along the lines of the handmade gifts that are given to loved ones to celebrate how much they care for one another.  Nothing too fantastic about the picture but it'll do.

This picture was taken with only window light.  Specs are listed in the caption.  
Left photo: ISO 100   f/1.8   1/400 s   ;  Right photo:  ISO 100   f/1.8  1/200s

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    and YAY to glitter!!!


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