Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fitness Goals Progress

Since it has been a month or so since I posted my goals for 2013, I will do a little update on my fitness progress.  The bold inputs are the new PRs, you can see the originals here.

Unfortunately, early in the year I began developing shin splints and it is taking a really long time to recover from them which means little to no high impact or running. Insert sad face here --->  As a plus side though, since I can't run I'm going to try to get back into swimming so that I don't lose out on a cardio opportunity.  Today was my first day back at the pool in about 5 years and it was great!  Horrible because I'm not near as good as I used to be, but great!  Can't wait to get back.  Possibly Saturday??  I got so excited about swimming that I'm even going to add a new goal for 2013! 

 Goals 2013 Current Progress
Run 5 miles Roughly 2 miles
50 consecutive Double Unders 3 consecutive
90 lb Deadlift with solid form 75 #
5 consecutive pull ups (not strict) Almost 1!
5 consecutive chin ups (not strict) 2
5 consecutive dips with no assist Multiple with roughly 60 lb assist
8 minute mile time 10:30 mile time
50 bpm resting heart rate approx. 62 bpm
Splits all 3 Left split achieved
5 Rope Climbs (16 ft) 3 Rope Climbs ~12 ft
500 meter freestyle swim  >10 min You really don't want to know...

P.S. With the risk of looking like a skank, here is a picture of my newly developing abs! Helllloooooo (almost) 2 pack!   Pretty dang excited, not gonna lie. :-)  And for all you non-believers out there, attached is also a picture from one of my chunkier times.  Not a full body shot but you can definitely tell in the face and upper body that I have some cushion for the pushin'.  At the time I was fluctuating between a size 9 and 11 jean and now I'm a solid size 6 jean and size 4 in slacks and dresses.



  1. I can't believe you were ever in that big of jeans!! And when it comes to pictures of your abs, there is no way that is skanky! Have you done the Elliptical? It should be easier on your shins also! :)

    1. I do! I do it and the bike when I'm at the gym but I have days that are just pure cardio and I don't like staying on the elliptical for more than 15 or 20 minutes... It's just not my thing. :-/


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