Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My Favorite B&W Preset

This little post is for all those LightRoom users out there.  I've been using LightRoom since I first started photography and I love it.  I only switch over to Photoshop when I have some composites or drastic edits that I need to make.  Well with my love for LightRoom has come a love for presets.  Presets are so incredibly useful for getting the "meat and bones" of the editing done.  In one click I can do the basic changes that I make in nearly every photo and then adjust as needed on an individual basis. 

Well I'm going to share the preset I have adjusted to become my own so that you may use it if you like.  If the download stops working please let me know because I am new to sharing these types of things.  Also, if you need help installing a preset please follow the guidelines listed at the bottom of the post. 

Here are a few photos that have been edited with this preset.  Some adjustments may have been made after the preset was applied but the preset was part of the editing process for these pictures.

Steps to Installing Presets for LR4

1.  Download the preset
2. Open the "destination folder"
3. Open Lightroom and use the shortcut (Ctrl + ,) to open the Preferences window
4. Click the tab "Presets" >> "Show Lightroom Presets Folder"
5. A new window will open click "Lightroom" >> "Develop Presets" >> "User Presets"
6. Drag the downloaded preset to the open "User Presets" folder
7. Viola!  New preset.  To use, open the develop tab in LR and scroll down to User Preset where it should be

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