Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Week 5 - I Dreamed a Dream

50 mm lens   ISO 3200    f/ 2.5   1/200s
I know I'm a tad late posting, but I promise this is the first chance I have had to work on this week's project.  I worked all last week and went to the gym every day and then Friday my hubby and I left for a weekend in Garmisch.  So anywho.... here it goes.

For this week on Project 52 I had so many fun ideas floating in my head that included composite images and bright and lovely props but unfortunately time was my enemy again so we'll just settle with my neighbor's adorable son sleeping in his crib.

As always, I'll post my specs and a quick critique of how I would have improved given the chance.

50 mm lens   ISO 3200    f/ 2.5   1/200s

Now... Don't let the adorable baby fool you... there is a lot wrong with these photos.  First off, let me tell you that I was terrified that he would wake up from his nap when I was snapping pictures so I only braved the shutter 4 times before I high tailed it out of his room.  This is why I need my own child.... 4 pictures per nap equals at least one amazing picture, right?

4 shutter clicks = no test shots = nearly guessing your settings

I could have easily gotten away with one stop lower on my ISO if I had taken a chance to notice that my shutter speed for the ISO I was using was 200.  I set the ISO before walking into the room and didn't adjust accordingly.  I could have knocked the ISO to 1600 and had the shutter at 100 and been golden.  It would have left less noise and more detail in the picture.  Granted, 1600 isn't ideal, but it would have been a step better than 3200.

Also, after I uploaded the pictures I noticed that the focus was ever so slightly off.  I didn't realize that my selective focus was at his arm rather than his face and on the tiny LCD screen of my camera you couldn't tell that it was off.  It isn't terribly obvious but it isn't as tack sharp as I would like on his face. 

I would have loved to bring in some extra lights or reflectors but Liam's sleep is more important than me getting the "perfect" shot. 


  1. I like yours a lot, I had trouble getting mine to turn out clear with it dark in Kyra's room and she had her head close to the wall so I couldn't even get a good angle. Mine has A LOT of noise and graininess!!! Sleeping babies are harder to photograph than I expected lol Here is ours: http://standingsilentlystrong.blogspot.de/2013/02/project-52-i-dreamed-dream.html

    1. What were your settings at Sabrina? Saw the picture, your ISO had to have been really high!


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