Monday, March 11, 2013

Favorite Workouts

These workouts have been sitting in my "drafts" folder for a few weeks now just so I could have them for personal use but I might as well put them out for others to use as well!   Before I let you loose on all my favorite workout routines let me explain how I usually plan my workouts.  I have bit of an eclectic taste when it comes to working out.  I love Pilates, circuit training, weight lifting, and CrossFit style workouts so I usually do a medley of the movements I like the best and roll out an intense workout.  I also usually focus on more than one body part while exercising.  I find that I can get so much more out of a workout if I alternate between body parts rather than hammering one area until collapsing. 

No fancy names, just listed the areas of the body that you'll feel the burn.  Also, links are provided for your viewing entertainment.

So without further adieu here are my favorites (so far!)

Whole Body with Cardio

10 Knees to Elbows
20 Push-ups
30 GHD Sit Ups
400m Run
50 Push Presses
60 Walking Lunges
70 Air Squats
80 Russian Twists
90 Mountain Climbers
100 Double Unders (300 Singles)


Abs and Legs


Crunches 30
Leg Lifts 30
Russian Twist 60
Reverse Crunch 30
Bicycle Crunch 30

Walking Lunge 20
Bulgarian Squat 20
Pliet Squat 20
Bridge 20

*Deadlifts (80% of max weight) 5 x 5
*Backsquats (80% of max weight) 5 x 5

Arms, Shoulders, Chest, Glutes


Stepping Plank 20
Dips Assisted 10
Lunges 20
Bosu Push-up 10
Air Squat 20

*Push Press (80% of max weight) 5 x 5
*Bench Press (80% of max weight) 5 x 5

Killer Abs and Arms


DB Thrusters 20 (10-15 lb weight)
GHD Sit ups 20
Dips 10
Heel Raises 10 narrow / 10 wide
Seated Cable Rows 10 narrow / 10 wide
Lunges 20

*Bench Press (80% of max weight) 10 x 4
*Wall Climbs max number


Whole Body with Core Concentration


Knees to Elbows 5
Box Jumps 10
Air Squat 15
Bicycle Crunches 20
Plank 25 sec hold
5 second rest
Plank 25 sec hold
Bicycle Crunches 20
Air Squat 15
Box Jumps 10
Knees to Elbows 5

*Deadlift (80%) 5x5
*Assisted Pull-up 5x5
*Assisted Dip 5x5


Whole Body with Legs Concentration

3 ROUNDS EACH (1 Round of 200 singles)

Bosu Plank 1 min
Kickbacks with Bosu* 10 each leg / 20 total
KB Deadlifts or Plie Squats 10 (35 lb) 
Riverdance* 5 laps
Dips 10

30 singles jump rope or 10 double unders
Burpees 10
Push Press 10
Deadlift 10

200 singles or 75 double unders
* Holding the Bosu Plank, contract your core and using control lift one leg at a time.  Don't lift your leg so high that you lose the neutral position of your spine.  Keep it controlled.
* Using a stepper at it's highest height rest one leg on the top.  With quick hops switch your legs while simultaneously moving around the stepper.  You should be tapping the top of the stepper with your foot for each hop.  Once you have moved all the way around the stepper reverse and travel in the opposite direction.  This is a cardio exercise so you should be breathing hard after finishing. 


Legs and Abs


Body Bar Squat 15
Reverse Crunch 15
Bulgarian Squat  15
Stability Ball Pull-in 10
Stability Ball Hamstring Curl  15
Knees to Elbows 10


Arms and Abs


Eccentric Push Up 10
Thruster with Body Bar or Barbell 10
Bicycle Crunches 30
Tabatha Plank 2 min
Knees to Elbows 10
Bosu Push-up 10
Reverse Crunch 30


Legs and Core

3 MIN. TABATHAS!  20 sec on/10 sec rest

Stability Ball Leg Lift (Easier) (Harder)
Walking Lunge
Stepping Plank
Side Steps with Resistance Band

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  1. Awesome!! I may give a few a try the ones, easy to do at home!!


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