Monday, March 4, 2013

March Fitness Goals Update

Not a ton of change in progress for fitness goals as I've been struggling with illness and STILL recovering with my legs.  Good news though!  I am a beast at doing dips and have officially met that goal for the year! I actually completed it by accident one evening at the gym when I was just messing around and not completing any particular workout.  I hopped up on the dip bars and was able to complete almost 3!  I am now up to being about to do 2 sets of 5 with no assist.  Pretty proud if I can say so myself. 

I have decided to start setting weekly goals for the gym that will help me focus myself and get on track for knocking more of these goals out of the park.  I also think I am FINALLY ready to start running again so be on the look out for improvements with that.

Happy working out!

EDIT (3/6/13):  I timed myself on my 500 m swim today so that I have something to track in terms of progress.  I included all rest time between 100s and came out with a total of just over 15 minutes.   Super slow but a huge improvement over the 30 or so minutes that it took me on my first day back to swimming.  I'm now able to swim 100m intervals rather than the 50m ones that I was doing before. 

 Goals 2013Current Progress
Run 5 milesRoughly 2 miles
50 consecutive Double Unders3 consecutive
90 lb Deadlift with solid form75 #
5 consecutive pull ups (not strict)1
5 consecutive chin ups (not strict) 2
5 consecutive dips with no assistCOMPLETED
8 minute mile time10:30 mile time
50 bpm resting heart rateapprox. 62 bpm
Splits all 3Left split achieved
5 Rope Climbs (16 ft)3 Rope Climbs ~12 ft
500 meter freestyle swim  >10 min 15:10

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