Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Week 7 - Still Life

Week 7 was where I lost all of my momentum for Project 52.  My original plan was to stage a battle using my husband's newly acquired Legos and use it for this theme.  We spent a better part of an hour setting up and photographing only to discover that it wasn't going to work.  I tried for several hours to attempt to composite the images to match what I had in my head but the problem was that I forgot to take a "blank image"  meaning an image where there were no Legos just the background and the table.  So I found myself trying to fit together pictures that just did not fit.  After that disaster I fell of the wagon and it was very hard for me to climb back on. 

But I'm back, at least for now.  I spent this morning trying to knock out a few more themes that I've missed in my absence and I'll be posting a few more in the next coming days. 

This post, however, is all about still life.  I chose to photograph crayons.  Don't ask me why... I just did.

ISO 100    f/2.5   1/80s

This photo actually has very little editing which is just the way I like it.  The seamless background was achieved by:
  • Covering a surface in tin foil and pushing that surface against the window (in this case the "surface" was a large 30 gallon tote, but it can be anything from a book to a table)
  • Placing white paper (wax paper or a diffuser can be used) on the window so you don't see trees or have too harsh of lighting directly on the subject.
  • Pulling the crayons about a foot away from the window and having a high aperture so that there isn't a break between the tin foil and the paper.
The light was a bit off for my tastes in this photo but only because I couldn't do much to adjust it.  The window light was coming from the top left corner and there was hardly any coming in from the back.  I do however like the highlights that were given by having the light source be to the top left of the photo.  I would have liked a little more fill light on the right and I wish I could have used my reflector to adjust slightly but alas it was in the car while my husband is at work.  Nonetheless I still think it is a solid image.  You can do something similar by just placing seamless white paper down instead of tin foil and you won't have the reflection that the crayons are currently giving off but it will look great all the same. 

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