Monday, March 25, 2013

Week 9 - Self Portrait

Meh.  That's what I think about how I did for this photo.... meh.

The post-processing was easy it was obtaining the images that were difficult.  I am going to force myself to re-do this week because I'm just so unhappy with how it came about. 

Composite of 4 images all with the settings of ISO 3200    f/10    1/100s

If I want to do more types of these images then I definitely need to practice.  The problem with creating an image like this in a public space is that you can feel a bit self-conscious when executing it.  I didn't properly insure that the focus was tack sharp when beginning the process so nearly all of the "mini-me's" are out of focus.  Dang....  I guess that's the purpose of completing these challenges... to improve on your skill.

Anyway, the reason I chose to do this type of photo for my self-portrait is simple.  I've been working really hard recently to create a better me.  I have been focusing so much energy on improving myself in many shapes and forms and fitness and exercise is one of those aspects.  I've seen immense results both physically and mentally.  I can do things that I never though possible because of my previous back injury.  The more that I improve, the more excited I get about challenging myself. 

Black and White just because I can.

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