Thursday, April 11, 2013

0 kids vs 1 kid

Today is going to be a tad bit of a vent so please bare with me.  

Let's take a moment to compare housing for those that have no children and those that have 1 child.  We'll assume that the families are of equal rank and stature and the only difference is that one family has a child.  The following are pictures of actual housing at our next duty station.  Something's gotta give...

There may be better housing available for a 2 bedroom but honestly this is about as good as it gets on post.  Feels a bit one sided for the military community.

Small bedrooms, 70's baseboards, and tile throughout (2 bedroom)
Huge bedrooms, carpet, and lots of light (3 bedroom)
And while we're still looking at bedrooms....

master, WALK-IN closet in 3 bedroom

What is this??? Oh yeah, a "closet"  (2 bedroom)
Now on to the kitchen....

3 bdrm - open floorplan, renovated, and holy cow look at those cabinets!
2 bdrm - Love the gas stove and this is the most open floor plan available for 2 bdrms so this is the best version.  Limited cabinet space and incredibly outdated cabinetry.

In case you were thinking... "Oh that kitchen doesn't look bad, looks pretty open." Let's share the other norm for a 2 bdrm kitchen 

How is anyone expected to cook in that???  I cringe at the thought of my husband doing dishes as I try to cook...

The bathrooms actually look somewhat similar in size except you can't really see all of the 2 bedroom one.  But can you just admire how old the cabinetry and door look.

Living area/dining room.  Soo bright and pretty.  Look at those nice floors! (3 bdrm)
Living area/dining room.  /sigh.....

I would much prefer to live on post.  We did the off-post thing back in Georgia and not only did my husband have to drive 30 minutes to work everyday but I felt so isolated from the military community and it made it extremely difficult to make friends.  BUT, this is a bit ridiculous!  Better pop out some kids!


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