Thursday, April 4, 2013

Anxiety About Moving

We have just over 6 months to go before we will be leaving our current home and settling in somewhere new and I must say.... I'm freaking out.  I'm not worried about the things that we still need to do, all of that will be accomplished in time.  I'm worried about what will happen after we arrive. 

Although I complain about Germany often, there are certain things that I am going to miss... period.  First and foremost, the people.  I love the people I have come to know here in Germany.  I have better friends here than I did my entire life.  The girls here help inspire me and keep me sane while living so far away from family.  I am absolutely terrified that when we move to our new duty station there wont be anyone there to help me when I'm down like the girls here do.  I've experienced feeling like an outsider while at a duty station before and it's not an experience that I would like to repeat.

I'm terrified of the housing situation as well.  When we came to Germany there was no thought process.  E-4's and below MUST live on-post and when we arrived they weren't offering 3 or 4 different houses for you to look at and decide between.  You had one option, you either take it or they stop paying for your hotel and you're out of luck.  At our new duty station we have so many decisions to make: to live off or on post? if we live on post, which community do we want to try to get into?  If we can't be put on the wait list before we arrive, will we be able to afford to live in a hotel for a month before housing opens up?  Can we afford off post housing?  Will having the flexibility of living off post be worth having to drive to work in a knowingly high traffic area?  Where are the 'safe' neighborhoods?  Where are the school districts where I need to apply for work at?  /sigh.....

Where will I work?  The majority of people online say that finding work in this new community is a difficult and daunting task.  Of course people also said that about Germany and I was employed and had several job offers within 3 months of arriving.  When will I be able to go back to school?  Which school will I attend?  Will I even be able to afford going back to school?  What will I do if I can't go back to school to get my credentials?

To top it off I've been reading a lot of split reviews for our base.  I have a feeling it's going to be a lot like Germany in a way that you either love it or you hate it.  I'm really hoping that I love it because 3 more years away from family and now friends too in a place that I hate will be awful!

On the plus side, I will be updating my PCS checklist (which coincidentally is the most popular article on my blog and is how most people FIND my blog) to include a section on going back to the states.  There are a few things that are different between the two and I think it would be helpful for people to see those differences.


  1. :D you will do great, everyone there will love you just as much as we do!! You are an amazing friend and people would have to be blind to not see that. There are a lot of stresses but don't we all know that as part of the Army life :D And you know what I think you'll make the best of it as always cuz home truly when it comes down to it home is anywhere that You, Matt, Sabrina, and Mandi are all together!! I am sure you will be able to find a job you have a lot going for you and a lot of good experience to show them. Plus you always have your photography to fall back on! I will always follow your blog cuz I can't wait to hear all about your new house and friends and adventures!! But until than, we have lots of fun times to look forward to :D

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  3. I am wondering if you have ever posted your new PCS checklist? Your PCS to Germany list was a lifesaver when we PCSd here and I'd love to peek at your new one as we are moving back to the states! Thanks :)


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