Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fitness Goals Update

I may or may not have fallen off the workout wagon this past month.  I'm working at climbing back on but it's a long and laborious process.  Even so I have made some improvements and even accomplished another goal.  Check deadlift off my list!

 Goals 2013Current Progress
Run 5 miles---------
50 consecutive Double Unders3 consecutive
90 lb Deadlift with solid formCOMPLETED 100#
5 consecutive pull ups (not strict)1 / 3 Kipping
5 consecutive chin ups (not strict) 2
5 consecutive dips with no assistCOMPLETED
8 minute mile time10:00 mile time
50 bpm resting heart rateapprox. 62 bpm
Splits all 3Left split achieved
5 Rope Climbs (16 ft)3 Rope Climbs ~12 ft
500 meter freestyle swim  >10 min 15:10

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