Friday, April 5, 2013

Moving Inventory (DITY)

Image from Find Joy in the Journey blog
I found a great article via Pinterest recently that could really be of some use to the frequent movers in the military community.  This article will be of the most use to those that are handling the move on their own without the military issued moving company.  It covers a technique of how to order your boxes and provides an insight to how to organize your packing.  You'll even receive a moving log that is fantastic for keeping track of what items are in each box.  Perfect for type A personalities (like myself) or those moments where you move into your new home and for the life of you cannot find the dang remote to the TV!

And since I'm all about moving these days with our impending PCS change I thought I would re-blog it for your viewing pleasure.

So hop over to this awesome blog and learn some new techniques for packing your stuff!

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