Monday, April 15, 2013

PCS Checklist from Overseas to Stateside

The most popular post by far on this blog is the Germany PCS Checklist that I created.  The checklist was created to assist myself in staying organized while my husband and I went through the daunting task of moving to Europe.  Now, after less than 2 years we are facing the tast of moving back to the states.  I was originally going to use the same checklist for this move until I realized that there was some overlap.  There are things that you shouldn't have to do (like stocking up on "American" items) and there are additional items that should be added on (including scheduling delivery and pick-up for loaner furniture).  So therefore, I have a new and improved list.  Since it is fairly early in our move, I'll update it as I go but for now, it is a pretty solid start.

EDIT (8/8/13):  The checklist has received a facelift!  It now includes updated to-do's as well as a countdown tracker for how far out you should be completing the tasks.  Be sure to download and print the new and improved checklist.  BE SURE TO CLICK PORTRAIT IN THE OPTIONS FOR PRINTING.
Be sure to check the ARMY tab for more PCSing tips!

The PCS Checklist (1.0) to assist you in your move from Overseas to Stateside can be found here.

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