Thursday, April 25, 2013

Week 10 - Flowers

 I am waaaaaayyyyyy behind.  Oh well....

The other day I took some photos of some tulips that recently popped up outside our building.  The photos were originally taken for a different project but it's all the same.  I'll share the separate project I'm working on as well.

This photograph is edited in 2 separate ways for a very specific reason and it relates back to the project the photo was actually taken for.

I personally prefer the 1st image when it is viewed on it's own.  BUT, for the 2nd image, I took out nearly all of the highlights so that the image isn't quite as bright.  I am working on a 3-photo series of B&W flowers to frame and put up in my living room.  The pictures will be framed in square frames and will be posted side by side.  The other 2 images that I'm using (which I will also post) near on the flatter side in terms of range of color and therefore if the tulips were kept with all of the highlights, it would have stood out too much. 

These are the other 2 images in their full size beauty.

I can't wait to share what these images look like after they are framed and on the wall.  Just so you get an idea of what they look like side by side and the crop ratio that I'll be using, here is a screenshot of my order.

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