Sunday, April 7, 2013

Week 13 - Details

Last night I threw my husband a surprise birthday party.  It was Lego themed and a lot of fun.  While I was prepping for the party I was thinking about how there are a million of little details I put into this party that would be great for this theme.  So this morning when I got up and when the house was somewhat picked up from last night's festivities I got to work on this challenge.

I came up with this very boring picture.  No it's not the final product.

A picture of a hurricane vase filled with Legos with streamers in the background.  To me this isn't "details".  Details would be the writing of "Lego" that you see on the top of each lego piece.  Unfortunately I do not own a macro lens so a close up shot like that is not probable.  Anyway, after I downloaded that image on my computer I was pretty disappointed and decided I wanted to try different angles and really take advantage of the party decorations I had at my disposal.  

What did I do?

I pushed my dining table away from the wall, laid on the floor, and shot up at the streamers.  I was trying to capture the twirling that the streamers were doing.  I came up with this image:

I was on the right track in that I liked that I could see the textures of the streamers and the "twirling" was definitely captured but the empty space between the streamers pulled focus with the shadows and the picture frame that was located beneath the streamers was visible. 

So, alas, we have take 3.

ISO 800  f/5.6   1/60s

No empty space, lots of color, and you get a clear view of the textures.

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  1. So pretty!! I love it, you really are super wife for throwing such a great party, you set the standard for parties high!!


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