Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Creating a Home

As I cleaned the house today I was having a sense of nostalgia as I thought about how much our home has changed since we first moved in.  We've slowly been acquiring things and making it our own and in the past year and a half we've put our own spin on it.  So I snapped a few quick pictures of the front part of our house because that's what has changed the most to share a bit of us. 

Also, if you're moving to Germany this will be a great post to see what the average 2 bedroom apartment looks like and how much you can fit in it.  I have seen floorplans that are slightly smaller and I have seen some that are larger by FAR so this is a fairly even middle ground. 

This was moving day.  My husband is assembling our bookshelf at the back of the room  That bookshelf sat in our living room for nearly a year before we moved it to the office.  It looked so lonely because it was the only piece of furniture that was pushed up against the back wall.

Also from moving day, which explains the mess.  I wanted to share this picture because you can see the antique stove that we used to have.  It was just replaced a month or so ago, along with our antique dishwasher (not pictured).

This is the only picture I could find of our living room after it had been put together and I know the reason why.  This is all that was in our living room.... With exception to the litter box and book shelf that sat against the far wall.  We didn't have any pictures or decorations up on the wall because we didn't own any.  The only piece of sitting furniture we had was a two-seater couch which wasn't ideal for entertaining.

This is our home as of today.  In this picture I'm standing in our dining room looking into our living room.  As you can see, we updated our couch and got some big people furniture.
Front door, television and even some pictures of family up on the wall...

This is my favorite part of the entire house.  Those pictures are the first that I've ever hung that are actually representations of my photography.  The sofa table and the decor on it is all new or new-ish.
Dining room as seen looking from the living room.  Not a whole lot has changed here.  The dining table we bought when we moved in and it was delivered just a few days before Christmas.  I think the only difference is that we moved the table to the side of the room to allow for more walking room by the counter.  We now pull it away from the wall when we have company.

Our kitchen.  Notice the new-ish (2001 model) glass top stove and the brand spanking new dishwasher.  I even got to take of the protective plastic covering off it, it is so new!  Definitely a fan of having new appliances.
Bathroom, small but manageable.

Sad excuse for a laundry room....  I did however switch the direction that the dryer door opens so it doesn't make laundry a COMPLETE pain. 

Home sweet home.

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