Sunday, May 19, 2013

Week 19 - Eyes

I worked with an adorable little girl yesterday and thought I would share an insight that is very fitting to week 19's theme.

Practice makes perfect.

Something that all photographers strive for is tack sharp images in which all the details of the eyes can be seen. There are a few techniques for this so over the past few months I've been playing with them. I believe that I have finally found what works for me.

Original crop from camera
ISO 200   f/3.5   1/400s

The crop that will make it in the client's gallery
300% zoom onto her eyes gives us

Each eyelash is distinctive and the eyes themselves have a lot of detail. 

I should mention that this is the low-res version of her eyes so there is some loss in detail from the original high resolution image.

With practice, 100% of my images will look like this. 

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