Sunday, June 23, 2013

Germany Tip #238 - Strawberry Fields

Because of the climate in Germany, it is a perfect candidate for growing strawberries (at least in most parts of Germany).  Look into the surrounding fields and see if any strawberry stands crop up in June-July. If so, you'll receive fresh and delicious strawberries that are cheaper than any you could buy at the commissary.  As a bonus, some stands allow you to pick your own strawberries!

It is a great family experience to go to a field and pick your food.  You can pick some as fresh and ripe as you want.

The photo above is a picture of the strawberries we got from our first trip and that entire basket of strawberries only cost 6 euro.  You can see the size of the basket in the below photo.  It was enough to split between two households and still have enough strawberries to last through a week of eating them every day.


  1. Can I ask where exactly you went picking? I'd love to do this with my sons, but last time I checked (a couple of weeks ago) the strawberries hadn't ripened enough yet due to the prolonged cold we got this winter/spring. This would be a very fun activity! We love strawberries!

    1. Ariel, try the field again! We went for the first time about 3 weeks ago and there was some, but not a plethora of ripe strawberries and upon the second time (just a week ago) the field was filled with ripe berries! We had a warm spell that lasted a few days that definitely kick started the ripening.


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