Saturday, June 1, 2013

Lego Birthday Party

Looking back on the posts I have, it surprises me that I never blogged about the surprise birthday party that I threw my husband back in April.

My husband is fairly obsessed with two things: video games and legos. So when his birthday started to approach, I knew that I wanted to something extra special for him. I decided to throw him a surprise birthday party and what better theme to use than legos?

Husband was happy
It was a whole lot of work sneaking around and making sure my husband didn't know anything about it, but it turned out to be worth it and it was such a great success. I'll share some pictures and stories about the night just in case anyone is thinking about throwing their own little lego party.

We had these awesome cupcakes made by Maryo's Cakes and Sweets.  She did a fantastic job with both the cupcakes and the cake pops which you will also see in a moment.  The lego men and the blocks that are on top of the cupcakes were made out of chocolate using a mold that I purchased from Amazon.  You can find these molds my following this link.  I used those molds to create chocolate candies as well as ice cubes for the party so they were well worth the purchase.

Matthew's actual birthday cupcake with all the candles on it.  I found the Star Wars lego plates on Amazon as well and they were a huge hit.

The chocolate candies that I spoke of.  I used semi-sweet chocolate chips, melted them down, and topped them with chopped almonds while the chocolate was still melted.  They were delcious!  Although, a tip for the future, if you do white chocolate so that you can use dye (see the red and yellow legos?) don't use red... One guest went home with blood red stained teeth!  Definitely learned a lesson there.

Our lovely cake pops.  There were a dozen of them but I forgot to snap pictures until there were only 3 left!  Oops!

I made this backdrop for the party as well.  To make it, tape a streamer to the top of the wall by the ceiling, twist as it you pull the other end down to the ground and secure near the baseboard with tape as well.  To cut down on hanging up time (since I only had about 30 minutes to prep the house) I pre-measured the length that I was going to need for the streamers and cut them the night before while at a friend's house.

The only pictures I really got from the games was the "Lego Pong" game but I'll describe what we played down below.  For prizes, I wanted to go with more of an adult theme so I had mini-bottles of alcohol that I handed out.

1.)  Lego Tower
You can play this two ways, you can either pre section out lego pieces for those that will be participating (I didn't have time) or you can dump all the legos in a bucket and make people work for their legos!

You start by everyone getting one handful of legos.  If it doesn't fit in one fist, they can't use it.  If they run out of legos during the building process, they can get more from the bucket but the same "only what you can carry rule still applies".  Place the bucket and equal distance from everyone so that no one has an unfair advantage.  For fairness we raced men and women separately.  Start the timer for 1 minute (or whatever length) and tell them to build the highest tower they can.  You can rebuild if it comes crashing down but the tower must stand alone by the end of the timer.  Compare the sizes at the end and the tallest wins. 

We did 3 different rounds and had a build off at the end with all of the winners.  It was a lot of fun.

2.) Build and Pass
This game is a mixture between hot potato and musical chairs. 

To start you can either build a starting figure (I call it the "potato") or give the guests a blank slate with only one lego piece.  If you start with a pre-built figure, you'll get people out faster and the game will go quicker.  The potato does not have to be any specific shape or form when you make it.  I would however try to make it so that it has as many surfaces that allow for building as possible. 

Give everyone a plastic cup and let them scoop legos out of the communal bucket and have them all sit in a circle.  Give the potato to the starting person and decide which direction the passing is going to go.  The potato will be passed along the circle as music plays and each person is responsible for adding a lego piece to the potato before passing to the next person.  If the potato breaks in someone's hand, they must put it back together and add their own piece before passing it to the next person.  When it comes to putting it back together, the potato does not have to look exactly the same but all the pieces that were on it originally need to be attached. 

Someone will need to be in charge of the music and cut it every now and then.  I had a timer going and I would stop it every 30 seconds.  Whoever is holding the potato when the music stops is out.

3.) Lego Pong
Everyone loves a little beer pong, now just make it lego style!

Set up the traditional cups like you're playing beer pong, but weight the bottoms rather than fill them with beer.  We used jello shots that had lids and it worked out perfectly because the person would then eat the jello shot rather than drinking beer.  Instead of throwing pong balls, we threw legos.  The challenge was that legos are different shapes and weights so as you become more intoxicated, aim dwindles even more than the traditional game.

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