Monday, December 9, 2013

Project 52: Week 31 - Bokeh

A dear friend from Germany picked up Project 52 when I started it at the beginning of 2013 and has done a far better job at keeping up with it than I have.  Seeing some of her posts today have inspired me to check up on my project 52 list.  I realized that I had a few images that I could use for the themes.  So I'll be posting a few images for a bit of catch-up.

35 mm lens  //  ISO 100  //  f/2.0 //  .4/sec  //  Taken with a tripod

This image is of our Christmas tree and was taken just yesterday!  These types of images crop up every Christmas as people LOVE to play with the lights but I had never attempted it.  I actually love how it turned out after I rotated and cropped the image and it is now my cover photo on Facebook.

You can get this image by:

1) Setting up camera on tripod (this was in original orientation)
2) Set up Manual focus (will not work with Auto focus)
3) Move focus all the way to the "out of focus" side then slowly stop it back into focus until the Bokeh comes out in circles with a hard line.  You'll notice that at first the circles will "soft".
4) Viola!  In post-processing I took out a bit of the reds because it was overpowering the rest of the colors, rotated the image to the left, and did a horizontal crop.

If you have any images like this, please share!

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  1. So that is the full length of your tree just sideways? very cool!


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