Friday, March 21, 2014

Project 52: Weeks 9-10

Week 9: Laughter

This little boy came into my studio and was all full of smiles.  He was the perfect model for week 9's theme of laughter.

Week 10: Self-Portrait

I've been working at improving my self-portraits over the past few weeks but this week I wanted to do something that was a bit more self-reflective.

It is not the size of the puddle that matters but rather if you choose to sink or swim.

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  1. Hi! I just got done checking out your blog and being that you are a military wife. Reaching out to see if you wanted to work together on a piece for resources related to military members and veterans. I'd love to chat further about it? Much appreciated!

    eballard (at) creditcardinsider (dot) com


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