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In the time that I have had this blog and contributed to it I have written what seems like endless articles referring to military life.  With all these articles it can be a bit of a tedious task to search back and find an article that pertains to your situation.  To ease that stress a bit, here is a list of the articles currently on the blog and a link to the actual post.  You'll additionally see that there are a lot of great articles that will be heading this way soon, so keep an eye out!

The Basics
International Flights with Small Children 
Moving Inventory (DITY)

Budget PDF

Book Referrals:
Chicken Soup for the Military Wife's Soul

Personal Posts about the Army:0 Kids vs 1 Kid (comparison of 2 bdrm and 3 bdrm homes)
Anxiety about Moving (to the States)
Being Away... (coping with separation)
Creating a Home (2 bdrm size of Germany on-post apartments)
Marrying into the Army (our story and things recruiters say)

If you would like to see posts about anything in particular pertaining to the Army please either message me on my contact page or leave a comment below.

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  1. This is a great collection of tips and advices! Thank you so much for sharing it, it looks like I will soon need it! ;)


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